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Lauris is your trusted technological partner in digital transformation, an expert in creating tailor made solutions. At Lauris, our team of 20 experts, with many years of experience in hospitality across all segments of digital marketing, marketing automation, and website development, ensures that our commitment extends beyond being just another tool.

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Your Strategic partner in Digital Transformation.

Customer Relationship Management
Efficiently manage guest relationships from inquiry to post-stay for lasting connections.
Client relationship management
Content Management System
Effortlessly update your website content to keep guests informed about your latest offerings.
Content management system
User Experience Design
Elevate guest satisfaction with fluid website interactions for a positive first impression.
User experience design
Conversion Rate Optimization
Maximize bookings and revenue by optimizing your website for optimal conversions.
Conversion rate optimization
Email Marketing & Automation
Increase guest engagement and loyalty with personalized email marketing and automation.
Email marketing & automation
Search Engine Optimization
Improve online visibility and attract more guests with our SEO strategies.
Search engine optimization
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Lauris team 2
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About Us

At Lauris, we offer a complete suite of services to boost your hospitality business. From improving user experiences to optimizing operations, we're dedicated to your growth.

With a strategic focus on marketing and sales automation, CRM, UX, and other web-related elements, we help your business not only grow but flourish in the dynamic hospitality sector.

What is Strategic Growth?

Strategic growth, at its core, is about unlocking your business's full potential. At Lauris, we carefully plan strategies to align your business's trajectory with success, guiding it towards sustainable development and achieving objectives.

With our expertise, we empower clients to navigate the path of growth. Our strategic approach is tailored to elevate your business, providing the tools and insights needed to seize opportunities, overcome challenges, and ultimately realize long-term success. Discover the power of Strategic Growth with Lauris

StrategyStrategy arrows
Client Retention
Build lasting relationships and encourage repeat business through personalized experiences.
Client retention
Revenue Growth
Drive revenue growth with strategies tailored to optimize direct bookings and increase guest spending.
Revenue growth
Global Reach
Benefit from our global presence, bringing international insights and strategies to your local market.
Global reach

What is Our Mission?

We're dedicated to crafting a strategic journey that increases direct sales and transforms visitors into your brand’s loyal ambassadors, all while reducing OTA commissions.

Simultaneously, our commitment is to relieve employees through automation, streamlined processes, and ensuring your business experiences transformative growth.

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